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Updated October 12, 2015

Budget Redesign Timeline

January 2015 – Project Kick-off

  • Interviews begin with stakeholders
  • Budget Review Steering Committee initiated

January-March 2015 – Due Diligence & Visioning

  • Develop guiding budget model principles
  • Conduct campus stakeholder and leadership interviews
  • Host open forum
  • Review financial and operational metric data
  • Review options for model structure and allocation methods

March-April 2015 – Financial Modeling

  • Develop baseline financial budgeting model
  • Build model functionality to test allocation rules and incentives

May-August 2015 – Consensus Building

  • Orient campus users to basic model components
  • Conduct stakeholder focus groups
  • Interview campus leaders
  • Agree upon revisions with steering committee

August-November 2015 – Infrastructure Development

  • Develop model infrastructure for use in fiscal 2017 budget development
  • Prepare campus users regarding model design and deployment

Operational Review Timeline

January 2015 – Project Kick-off

  • The Cabinet established a Steering Committee to oversee the Operational Review

January-March 2015 – Opportunity Identification

  • Huron collected ideas of opportunities through interviews, focus groups, and email communications
  • Using weighted criteria, the Steering Committee agreed upon identified priorities to research further

April-August 2015 – Business Case Development

  • Business cases were developed for key operational priorities
  • The President’s Cabinet approved initiatives to proceed

September 2015-current – Implementation and Next Steps

  • Implementation steps for key Wave I priorities are initiated
  • Additional opportunities (Wave II) are researched for more savings